About us

The solutions and the products distributed by the Equipments and Services FOREM contributed to facilitate the everyday life of our customers and to increase their efficiency at work. The diversity of the services and the skills of the team FOREM are undoubtedly important points closed views the offer on the market.

Our partner approach, our understanding of your needs and our sharp expertise in the industrial environment allow us to choose the right solutions adapted for you without increasing your costs. Once we have found the best solutions with our team, with our consultative approach and the respect for the reserved specifications are safe bets to generate a very advantageous Relationship costs / profits.

The hydraulic and pneumatic products distributed by FOREM are recognize in the market to be in the lead for their design, their technology, their robustness and their reliability. FOREM offers a technical support which will manage you towards the best solutions adapted to your needs, an after-sales service and a support in the use. So we assure a peace in the state of mind of our customers.

Equipments and Services FOREM offer a program exchange / loan (according to availability) when breakings require repairs, so it minimize your risks of loss of productivity and confirming the value of your decision to choose FOREM as your partner.

To resume, we choose to differentiate ourselves from other companies with a consultative approach and a top of the range on the market. All the customers who measured their return of investment made in FOREM products were able to tell you the value of the products and the service obtained.

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